Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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11 STATISTICAL SECTION IVSCHOOLS Continued. 1922 SANTA FE ................... Indian School. ............ Reservation. 5. White children enrolled in Indian schools under your jurisdiction. 6. Pupils: ( Compare with report for 1921 ( a) Number of desertions during the year... ( b) Number of graduates................... ll ( c) umber of returned students on the reservation.. ten. not applica vile. here.. This 7. Number of grades maintained in academic work. 8. Cmployees: ( 0) Number of changes during past year. ( b) If your duties involved both a devoted to school work " School that work Hrportionate amount of time ( c) Number of representatives of Indian Office who have visited your jurisdiction during the current fiscal year ending June 30. This item not applicable 9. Number of Indian children within reach of Government, mission, or public schools. here 10. Give below the number of Indian children from other jurisdictions enrolled in schools under your jurisdiction: Name ol school. Jurisdiction from which enrolled. Enrollment. I attendance . Santa Fe Boarding. Northern Pueblos 165 158 Southern 189 181 Ute 1- 5 Ute Mountain Zuni - 29 San Juan Shiprock Pueb e- Bon- to Moqui Rese al- ero Navajo( Ft. Defiance) Jicarilla Pawnee Miscellaneous noteYOlIed at agencies 47 39B Total

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