Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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We have a Greenhouse 50' long by 25' wide. Up to a year ago, it was 25 by 25, but I doubled it during the past twelve months The chief use for this department of our activities is to take care of our ornamental plants during the Cold season However, we al so use it to" start" the young garden truck in the spring before growing weather outside has Come on. We have a dairy herd of about twenty cows, nearl y all of the milk from which is used in the pupils' food. All our C attle are Holstein- Frierians. In connection with this depart- ment of our activities, the boys who do the milking are naturally taught the care and feeding of milk animals, as well as the theory and practice of dairy sanitation The employee carried on our payroll as" Industrial Teacher" is really the head farner. All of his time is given over to plant production. The employee carried on our payrol. l. as" Gardener" has charge of the dairy herd, the piggery and the poultry. If he has any time left after taking care of those three departments, he helps out with plant production. We generally have one of the low- sal aried assistants helping out on the fam, too. A number of our boys are spending the summer working for people about the city. This is not exactly on the plan of the outing system, although I know where they are and what they are doing. They are with good substantial people, who will have a proper influence upon these young fellows, as well as teach them some thing worth their while to know and also pay them a reasonable financial return for their work. Superintendent D/-

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