Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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of commodities in Eeneral. I have carried an average daily at tendance of almost 400 pupils at an approximate cost to Support Fund of 80, 000 dollars, or 200 dollars a head I have not done muc h with that money that I did not do with the similar amount of the previous year. That is, about all the money available was required to actually feed, clothe, and house, either directly or indirectly, the body of pupils and to give them their schooling. I might mention that out of savings this year, I bought a moving picture machine and a small number of other not absolutely nec essary articles, all of which would perhaps amount to a thousand dollars in cost. Our playeground appartus is used to good advantage. All that we have is mounted on the playground for girls. There are swings, flying rings, teter boards, slides, etc. I will not say that there is systematic supervision over all play. There is over Kuch of the play. The boys have group games, track athletic , basketball, baseball, and football The girls have basketball some group games, and some of the simpler forms of track athletics The girls have danc ing at theirown assembly room( girls dancing ' round" dances with other girls); while once a month boys and girls have dances or other social anusements at the general school assembly room " In your opinion, how long will it be necessary to continue the Government school under your jurisdiction?" In so far as the Pueblo Indians, especially those of the Rio Grande region, are concerned, it would not be many years before this school might well be abandoned. The soC alled" day schools" all over the Rio Grande country should be expanded so as to transform them into virtual rural schools for the Indians. When that is done, then the Santa Fe boarding school should be utilized to ac commodate a few hundred of the many thousands of Navajo Indian children of school age who are not in school. Thus, I dare say, that it will be after my day before this school should be Hlosed as no lonber of any real need to the Government

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