Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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The needs of the school are being set forth pretty much in detail in my reply to Indian Office Circular No. 1798, which will perhaps reach the Office before this Annual Report. The chief needs of the school are: A gymnasium; an ass anbly room; the doubling of the floor space of the present dining room, and the adding of a top story to the same building, the first in order to provide a proper amount of space for setting our tables for 400 and upwards of pupils, and the second in order to properly house our sewing department, which is at present in exceedingly cramped quarters over a portion of the Laundry. Then, too, we should have about one more residential cottage As regards our graduates, I may say that as a rule they southwest Indians and therefore generally progressive The immediate outlook of most of them a ontemplates a transfer to some school like Haskell or Riverside, or Chilocco, or Phonix, or Albuquerque, where they can climb' a little higher still in their schoolwork. Practically all of this year' s graduating clas will continue their work else where and most of them are still young enough that they can Ronish the four- year course, say at Haskell, before reaching the age of 21. We have been holding pretty closely to the Course of Study. One subject, that of Masonry, has not been given a great attention Daily outlines of instruction have not inva riably prepared Nor do I agree with those who would mare this an indispensable prerequisite to the beginning of any day' s work As a general rule, a daily lesson plan, or outline, is a good thing to have; but it is not indispensable. Our school r o on equipment is adequate The books on the authorized list are satisfactory, I was a meraber of the conmittee of superintendents and supervisors who pre d the list for printing in the 1923 Estimate. While it is ere are s Orne books on that list that I would not order for any school under my immediate jurisdicti still, there is suffi cient latitude in the 1ist that any one can find a satisfactory lineup As a general rule, the employyes during the past year have been efficient or at least reasonably efficient, loyal and inclined to cooperate with one another in furthering the best in terests of the school As in all school s of course there has been some bickering, but we have to put up with that, except ing when it gets so bad as to interfere with a person' s usefulness in the institution The relationship between this school and the public schools has been very cordial

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