Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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NON- RESERVATION BOARDING SCHOOL Santa Fe, New Mexico Annual Report Narrative Section 1922 Section III S CH O O. E S The school year just past showed gratifying progress upon the part of the pupils and increased efficiency upon the part of the school as a whole. The realignment of the course of Study in the summer of 1921 puts this school upon a more definite basis than ever before. Heretofore, our highest grade( VIII) left a pupil stranded in the middle of the old vocational course so that, upon completing that year of work here, he either had to transfer to S ane other institution in the middle of a course or else drop out for good. Without any change in the number of grades we carry here, the new course makes it possible for a pupil who finishes our highest grade here to stop at a definite point. That is, he finishes the Junior Vocational Course The number of pupils who finished our highest grade here in June, 1922, was eleven the highest number by a margin of three that ever finished that grade at this school in any one year. I see no reason why the number in June, 1923, should not be c onsiderably greater than this year. During the past year, the attendance has been constant and there were no serious epi demics to hamper the pupils' school work It is true that the " flu" epidemic of March, 1922, did shut off our academic work for a week, but that was the only disturbing influence of any conse quence, and it was soon over Another thing that improves the average daily attendance, and therefore the character of the work done by the pupils, is the fact that for the past couple of years now, the pupils have been getting into school promptly in the fall. This has a tendency to:( 1T increase the number of pupils finishing each grade each year;( 2) shorten up the time required for any one pupil on the average to finish any one grade;( 3) raise the average age at which the pupils finish the several grades;( 4) decrease the total cost of taking any one pupil on the average through our highest grade, beginning with any given point below; etc., etc. In my Annual Report for 1921, I assigned the credit for this grat. ifying state of affairs, especially as regards improved average daily attendance Both the academic and the industrial instruction at this school was given along the lines prescribed in the Tentative Course of study, as modified by the revision of 1921

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