Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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NON- RESERVATION BOARDING SCHOOL Santa Fe, New Me RE Annual Report Narrative Section 1922 ction II 19, H EA IL TH The general health conditions at the school during Fiscal Year 1922 have been very satisfactory. There have been no deaths from disease. Neither have any pupils been sent home or away to die. Two pupils developed tubercular symptoms, but both seem to have a good chance for recovery New Mexico has had its usual grist of contagious dis eases this year, but we have suffered but little at the school An occasional case of measles, or mumps perhaps; and some whoop ing- cough. In March, we had a very considerable number of cases of influenza, something like a dozen of which developed into pneumonia. But in every case, the attack was mild and the patient soon recovered No additional facilities are needed to obtain proper and adequate care of the sick, excepting that we ought to have some operating instruments and a little equipment in addition to what we now have. This matter will work out in the course of a little time. We have a hospital, rather antiquated type. How ever, it serves right well and there are no influences which operate to prevent its meximum usefulness All in all, the year has been an easy one from the standpoint of health conditions Aside from the influenza flare- up of March, which, as above noted, did not amount to nearly so much as the 1918 attack, there was but little to cause any Concern. The presert corps of employees is sufficient to take care of the heal th conditions at this school,

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