Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1921


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About 20 of them are milkers now and several younger cows are coming on. Some months ago, we had to slaughter several of the cows because they were boarders." All have been regu larly tested for tuberculosis and found negative The employee carried on our payroll as" Industrial Teacher is realiy the head farmer and all of his time is taken up with plant production. The employee carried as" Gardener" has charge of the dairy herd, the piggery, and the poultry. They are both mighty busy men. Half a dozen of our boys are spending this summer working for the Great Western Sugar Company at Ft. Collins. Coloraão. None of our girls are working under the outing in Santa Fe this summer. I do not encourage any arrangement of that kind any more. It is bad for the girls' morals. There is a lot of older Indian girls of loose morals working in the city and the result has been very demoralizing for our younger girls There should really be supervision over the end Moyment of adult Indians in Santa Fe. I have suggested this t6 Superintendent Johnson of the Northern Pueblos jurisdiction. Reapectfully submitted J. D. DeHUFF Superintendent Carbon to Mr. Peairs JDD/

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