Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1921


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a 7 of RECEIVED JUL 19 1991 NON- RESERVATION BOARDING SCHOOL Santa Fe, New Mexico NL Annual Report NErrative section 1921 Section II ORIGINAL H E A L T The general health conditions during the year have been very satisfactory. There were no deaths at the school among the pupils. One pupil died at her home a few weeks after she was released from the school on a ccount of failing health There were a number of cases of pneumo nia, but all of the pupils attacked recovered. I Two employees died at the school hospital of this malady. Notwithstanding the fact that various diseases have run riot all the past year in New Mexico, still we Sffered very little from them at the school. There were a few cases of measles, one or two of varioloid; now and then a case of mumps; and one case of diphtheria As soon as the case of diphtheria appear ed, I imme diately ordered enough anti- diphtheria serum to treat every person on the grounds and then saw to it that every person got the treatment In this way, we headed off any epidemic. At least, no other cases developed Our Hospital Building is really rather antiquated and poorly planned for giving the most modern and up- to- date attention to the sick. However, no doubt we shall have to put up with it until better times come The present corps of employees at the school is adequate for taking care of the health conditions

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