Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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Annual Report Narrative Section Santa Fe School 1920 Section IV I ND U S T R I IE S The farming operations at this school continue very satisfactory. During June, July, and August of 199, there wes much rain so that we were relieved of the necessity of doing a great deal of irrigating But this year, the rains have been scanty, and our farm Tork drags a good deal on account of the necessity of spending so much time irrigating Everything we have planted has turned out well Our experience during 1919 with Canadian field peas was a very satisfactory one, so that this year we made another planting. They make excellent feed for both bogs and cattle About the only pests of any consequence we have to deal with here are the prairie- dog and the gopher: We keep them down pretty well by poisoning, but they require a lot of attention and time The products of our farm and garden are prac tically all used up by the pupils or utilized in some way either directly or indirectly for the pupils' ben efit Our big crop is" Corn, and that goes to make ensilage for feeding our cattle Some see is saved for the ensuing year' s planting It is our experience that as a general rule, seed raised in other localities produces better plants here than siRd raised in this locality. For that reason, we generally buy the most of our seed supply We have a small greenhouse, in which we house through the winter certain flowering plants, and which is used in the early spring for germinating and beginning the growth of garden plants, so that when the season is sufficiently advanced we may transfer those plants to the fiels We have a dairy herd, all pure- blood Holstein Friesians They are very satisfactory; and, counting calves and all, we are rapidly running up toward the forty mark- the point which. I wish to reach before I stop. After that, the calves will generally be sold for breeding and milk- ppo ducing purposes The time of our Industrial Teacher is actually ta ken up in connection wi th the work of plant production.

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