Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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Systematic supervision is given to all of our playground activities. A The boys have group games, base ball, basket ball, and track athletics. The girls have group games, basket ball, and certain of the simpler events of track athletics. Then, too, the girls have dancing at their owm assembly room, while there are stated sociables for dancing and other similar purposes for both boys and girls at the General Ass embly room. In so far as the Pueblo Indians are concerned it will not be very many years until this school could well be abandoned. But when that time comes, the school could with profit to the country be operated for several year s to come as a place for giving instruction to Nava jo pupils, for whom rural of district schools will be out of the question for a long time to come. If I were to hazard a guess, I should say that this School could be operated for something like twenty five years to come with good profit to the Government. HARRISORRECTION CORPORANSCRISPERDROPERATORRSP operation panegrates alone cannot commentatoesnarramurrera

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