Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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Our school facilities and equipment are reasonably adequate so that there is no reason for contemplating any radical change or addition in that connection. Tea ch ers are careful and have their work well planned ahead Most of the books on the authorized list are well adapt ed to use in the Indian schools However, I never found a more worthless and poorly constructed set of text books than the entire Wooster series A so all of the Harrington books for Non- English speaking People all of the Graded Classics Readers all of the Riverside readers all the Frye Geographies and all of the Davison physiologies could be dropped off the Authorized List without losing anything to the Indian Service Our employees have been uniformly loyal and effi cient Attention is invited in this connection to my report of May 1, 1920 on Character and Efficiency of the several employees of course, too much familiarity breeds contempt and in this school, as in all others, there are certain little bickerings and petty strife now and then But upon the whole, the spirit of cooperation is very prominent and gratifying We have sought to make the work at this school some thing that is actuall adapted to meet the most urgant needs of the Indian What the girls need most to know is improved methods in cooking, housework, home nursing and sanitation Our pupils all come from agricultural and stock- raising communities so that what the boys need more than anything else is instruction in improved methods of farming, gard ening, and the care of farm animals All these things are what we have laid most stress upon. Then too we have stressed to a certain extent some of the simpler mechanic arts so that, in case a boy elects to work along lines independent of his home community, he will find himself able to give a good account of himsel1 in other than agricultural pursuits Even so, the instruction given him in m echanic arts would stand him in good st eas anywhere for every farm er needs to know some thing of earpentry, iron- working, plumbing, and shoe and harness. repairing, if he would be really independent and able to stand upon his own feet The total expenditures for 1920 were a few thou sand dollars more than during the preceding year This faet was due to the higher prices and also due to the fact that our average daily attendance for the year has been some thirty points higher than during any previous year

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