Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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Section III Annual Report Narrative Section Santa Fe School 1920 S C H 0 0 L S This was a good year. There were very few disturbing influences, and as a consequence, the num ber of promotions was very gratifying. In this c on. nec tion attention is invited to the Report on Promo tions submitted soon after the close of schoolin June Both the academic and the industrial instruc tion given was along the lines laid down and prescribed in the Tentative course of study For girls: Cooking, sewing, laundering, nursing, housekeeping in general; and a little some thing along the line of poultry- raising For boys: Farmin,, gardening, dairying, carpentry, black Smi thing, painting, plumbing and steams fitting, shoe and harness repairing, tailoring, baking, etc The needs of the school have been pretty fully set forth in my reply to Indian office circular No 1613 in which I submitted an estimate of the needs of the school for 1922. We need an additional tract of land for range purposes for our growing dairy herd; we need a spur track from the Pankey warehouse to our boi ler house, the construction of our gymnasium should be gone ahead with at the earliest possible date; the Dining room should be enlarged and a top story should be added in order that the sewing department of our school might be properly housed; the pres ent domestic science cottage should be removed to a place where gardening and poultry raising might be carried on as a part of the regular daily instruction given to the girls living in that building, and to others, too, for that matter; and one more residential cottage should be provided. We have no real graduates at this school, since we carry no grade higher than second year vocation al There are so few qualified for taking any year of work above second year voc. that it has always been found in the interests of economy to transfer them to some other school and let them finish up there. Prac tically who do finish our highest grade here actually effect a transfer to Haskell, or Riverside, or some Other school, and Pinish up the remaining two years of work

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