Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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RECEIVED ORIGINAL JUL S2 1920 Section II. Annual Report Narrative Section Santa Fe School 1920 HE A TL T H The general health conditions at this school during the year have been very satisfactory. There were no epidemics of any consequence. The" flu" aid not break out here.. We kept the school closely guar antined against it as long as there was any danger. We vaccinated every child and every employee against smallpox. There were a good many cases of mumps. We had one case of tuberculosis, which proved fa tal. Again, it was a Jicarilla Apache, Our Hospital has been gone over inside with paint and also mine and is in much better condition now than for a long time past. a An Indian Service Field Dentist spent several Weeks here and went over pretty carefully the teeth of most of the pupils. This was a thing very much needed. I wish it might be possible for this to be done every year. The present corps of employees at this school is adequate for taking care of the health conditions. session was president

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