Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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n All the products of our farm are used up here at the school. To some extent we save seed for the ensuing season' s planting but this is not uniformly advisable. A greenhouse is maintained. It is not only used for storing flowering plants during the winter but also for germinating and partially developing young plants in the Spring so that when proper conditions out of doors obtain the young plants may be trans planted to the fields. The dairy herd is in satisfactory condition although we have been unfortunate in regard to the males of the herd. A year ago one died from eating small pieces of baling wire and this Spring we lost our male from alfalfa bloat. We now have ten milch cows over three years old; seven young cows which will calve for the first time this fall; and three yearling heifers, making twenty females in all. I hope in the course of the next couple of years to increase the herd of milkers to any where from thirty to forty. All of our cattle are of the Holstein breed, Eleven of our school boys are apending the summer in the vicinity of Fort Collins, Colorado in the employ of the Great Western Sugar Company; eight others are working for the American Beet Sugar Company at Rocky Ford, Colorado; while a number of others are employed in various capacities in connection with railway and other enterprises There are no girls rendering outing service this year. Nearly all of the girls have returned to their parental homes for the summer vacation. Respectfully submitted O Superintende

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