Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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Section IV. Annual Report Narrative section Santa Fe School 1919 I N D U S T R. I E S The farming operations at this school con tinue very satisfactory. Since last fall the farm has been under the charge of a full- blood Indian and it seems to me that the work is go ing forward fully as satisfactorily as before Of course, I do not hesitate to say that this employe has sought my advice frequently with refe e to many details concerning his work and my experience in farming has stood the school in good stead ems One thing we have definitely abandoned as a farming feature at this school is any attempt to produce beans of the Pinto or other" dry" variety. The bean lady- bug is always sure to eat up the leaves of the bean before the plant is properly developed. – Then again, we have found that we can buy split Pinto beans at such a low price that it is not worth while for us to divert any of our energies in the direction of raising dry beans. For these reasons the amount of land planted a year ago to Pinto beans has been planted this year to corn in order that same may be ut11 ized for enslage. The new crop we are trying out this year is field peas. The County Agricultural Agent here, whose advice I have frequently sought and accepted, recommended this to us and we are now about ready to harvest the crop, which is most abundant. The prairie- dogs have been very injurious to many of out plants but the Government Corps of poisoners is operating in this vicinity and I hope that in the near future we may be free of this pest

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