Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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Section III Annual Report Narrative Section, Santa Fe School 1919 S C H 0 0 L S In spite of the many disturbing in fluences, especially the influenza epidemic, the work of our school year was very satis factorily done and the number of promotions this Spring was very grat1fying. The indus trial training given was along the 11nes laid down and prescribed in the official Course of Study. We had no classes above second year vocational. The number of pupils available for third and fourth year work was so small that reasons of economy indicates the advisa bility of transferring these pupils to other schools. The same procedure is being observed for the coming year. I really feel that by do ing this we are not only keeping down expense but also accomplishing much good for the large number of younger Indian children, who in my opinion, are deserving of much school attention As regards the general needs of the school I may say that many changes and additions or alterations might be made to the school plant which would make for greater efficiency. How- ever, as long as there is such great difficulty in obtaining funds it is hardly worth while go ing into detail concerning these matters. The school farm is sufficiently extensive and occu pies the constant time and attention of all the personnel we have available for that purpose We ought to have more employes in order to take proper care of the interests of this school. The services of one man are needed to attend ex clusively to the flower gardens, greenhouse and entertainers are seniors

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