Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1919


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ORIGINAL REeened VOLN -- JUL g 19t9 will Section II. Annual Report, Narrative Section, Santa Fe School, 1919 OS ROOYVED OFF GE as JUL 2 5 1S19 HE A L TH this one The general health conditions at this school during the present school year have been very satisfactory. While there were about 150 cases of influenza only two of those cases proved fatal. The fact that the number of deaths was so small was due I think, to our having taken good care of the children as regards ventilation, food, and regular habits prior to the outbreak of the epidemic. We had several cases of tuberculosis all but one of which were among pupils from the Ute Mountain Reservation. The one ex ception was that of a pupil from the Jica- rilla Apache Reservation. Two of the cases proved fatal while the others are well on the road to recovery. Our hospital at this school is not satisfactory and there has been cons iderable correspondence concerning the porposition of razing same and providing other quarters. The wards in the present building are dark and none too well ventilated.

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