Santa Fe School Annual Report, 1912


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Annual Report Health- 4 Santa Fe Health statistics herewith submitted show a heavy infant and child mortality among the Indians. There were many deaths at Santa Clara and San Ildefonso due to me as les, I believe me d ical authorities do not recognize this disease today as neo essarily dangerous, and the deaths from measles among the Ind ians this year I believe to have been due to lack of proper care and attention, particularly during the convalescing period. I believe there would be a marked decrease in the death rate among Indian children, due to measles and other diseases, if field matrons were stationed in the several pueblos There are more deaths among the Indians, particularly the adults, from pneumonia than there need be if sufficient care were given the patients. The practices of the medicine men and lack of proper treatment and care are responsible for the death of many of the Ind ians through pneumonia and bronchial affections, to which the Indian is particularly susceptible There is a great deal of sore eye trouble among the Indians which is aggravated and protracted through lack of sanitation and proper care of the eyes during such periods. Here again is a field where a matron could render most efficient work in provid ing treatment for those Indians who would take advantage of the opportunity- of whom, in my mind, there would be a constantly increasing number when the benefits of such treatment were seen and realized PERTHDarren CRM2ERSETS

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