San Juan School Annual Reports, 1926


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768 STATISTICAL. Section IV.-- Schools-- Continued. " an Juan Indian School. San Juan Reservation. 5. White children enrolled in Indian schools under your jurisdiction-- -- None.... 6. Pupils: ( a) Number of desertions during the year-- 22. ( b) Number of graduates. ( c) Number of returned students on the reservation 7. Number of grades maintained in academic work 8. Employees: ( a) Number of changes during past year ( b) If your duties involved both agency and school work, state proportionate amount of time devoted to school work ( c) Number of representatives of Indian office who have visited your jurisdiction during the current fiscal year ending June 30, 9. Number of Indian children within reach of Government, mis sion, or public schools-. Unknown. 10. Give below the number of Indian children from other juris. dictions enrolled in schools under your jurisdiction: ( 2) ( 1) Average Name of school Jurisäiction from which enrolled. Enrollment, attendance here are no Chihdren_ in_ thase- schools. enrolled from another jurisdiction,----------- Total.. 10 was HERAPASS A repo rate

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