San Juan School Annual Reports, 1926


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Annual Report, 1926 San uan Sgency In the fall of 1925 there were harvested at Shiprock about 1000 bu of tomatoes many of which ere canne a sweet corn in quantities sufficient to supply every fall need nd in eddition there to enough or drying for winter needs CaLTO US onions; beets etc etc in quantities sufficient for all needs and in addition to this the usual amount of water melons and musk melons enough for every possible purpose We expect that this year' s harvest will equal that of last year and in addition there to enough cabbage for all winter needs Last fall our drying operations were hindered by reins occurring during the drying seas on je have constructed an eveporator and have it ready for use Lnd the rains cannot do us the damage this fall that they did last Toadlena School had enough vegetables of ell kinds last year for every possible purpose and will duplicate last years crops this season Two hundred and fifty apple trees were purchased this past spring and sold to Indians on the reinbursable plan ind the Indians purchased quantities in addition with personal funds Four thousand pounds of alie lifa seed was purchased and sold to Indians on the reimbursable plan. Twice that anoun t would not have exceeded the aernand. However the demand did not make itself manifest until so late in the season that the seed could not be purchased to meet it Seed corn for the school was purchased in the fall of 1925 and was personally selected by the ounty Agent The Indians of the jurisdiction do comparatively little farming. It is their aim and desire to raise enough corn to supply bread for family consumption and to have little to iеed to their rams duoing the late winter and early spring months In ada ition to this they attemps to raise water melon and a few have alittle fields of alfalfa which they are increasin, as rapidly as conditions will permit. They always save corn and water melon seed. They raise some beat hs and some heat and a Kew small peach orchards may be found throughout the jurisdiction These Indians are entirely self- supporting and it follows that they make good use of all stock and supplies purchased ſor then. They have purchased through the local

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