San Juan School Annual Reports, 1926


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Retired statements since interesting centerlagosterasystems progress Annual Report, 1926 San Juan Agency At the request of the Superintendent , Mir. W. H Hashbarger , who has been principal of the Toadlena School for the past six years, has prepared a report covering conditions at that school, which report follows: lost pleasant relationship has ex isted between the local public school and this institution through- out the year. This public school has enrolled nine Navajo pupils and the white and Indian pupils get along together pleasantly . The teacher has been especially tactful in handling a mixed school The Chief Supervisor , the District Supervisor, and Inore recently the Super visor of Fiela Nurses and Field Matrons has called attention to the need of a steam cooker, a bread mixer, and a vegetable parer. The school farm seems to be developing slow 1y and there is no pressing need of further i arm equipment except for a small horse pow er hay press in order that hey may be balad for hauling down the mountain to the school. One additional employee, a trained nurse ( with possibly an assistant) will be needed when the hospital is completed. We do not know when this hospital will be ready for use. It was planned to convert the cottage built by H. J. Hagernen when he was Cornmis sioner to the Navajo Tribe into quarters for the Principal and to convert the cottage here tofore used as quarters for the Brigcipal into a hospital. The work on the Hagerman cottage was completed and the Principal and his family noved in in late April, the work on the other cottage was well begun but had to be discontinued because of lack of funds. This work should be resumed at the earliest possible monent. The Toadlena school also needs a nightwatchman . Things have gone reas on Ebly well without a nightwatch for many years but such an employee would be valuable in guarding life and property and preventing unauthorized persons from corning about the school at night. There are but four teachers 22

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