San Juan School Annual Reports, 1926


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nnual Report, 1926 San Juan seek trensfer to some of the non- reservation schools. Hence we have little opportunity to judge the character of our own graduates. When these same pupils return to the resor. vation, having completed their course at E non- reservation school, they have taken on the mold in, and character of the non- reservation school and little resemble the unso phisticated little boys and girls that left the home school Returning as graduates fron the non- reservation school the girls seek and secure employment as a one stics in the small towns lying just north and east of the reser vation where they remein Ior a few years ultimately returning to the reservation where they merry and once more take up the burden of reservation existence where it was broken ofT some 14 or 16 years before. The boys seek and secure employment in nearby Colorado or New Mexican parts in the nines the lumber camps the snelters On The rail road ith the ranchers etc etc where they receive iron three to five dollars per day and where many of them eem to Inace ood. A few return to and are assini lated by the res ervation, better fitted to occupy and maintain 2 Place in the world even if it be a reservation world, by reason of their ability to read Trite speak and understand English nd to meet white people on coInnon footing After three year' s residence Lmong the Navajo I have not materially changed the impressions gained during the first year. Rather these impressions have been trength ened. In the Report o: June 0th 1924 it was stated The Navajo is" different He cobs his hair differently Jelks aiierently; lives after ently; thinks differently; eats differently dresses differently works aifferently; saves differently he N vajo is self- supporting and always has been and it keeps him mighty busy. To ex tract a living from the Nava jo desert is a nighty serious matter and requires constant planning and the continuous effort of every member of the family There is little id2 aness, hence little immorality little vice. They work, they save they endeavor to accu mulate and, if they fail in their endeavor it is not much lack of effort as it because of lack of opportunity 18.

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