San Juan School Annual Reports, 1926


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Annual Report, 19 26, San Juan Agency as funds become available Such equipment is being purchased at the present writing for the Mese Unit A concrete sidewalk is also needed connecting the two units This past year the school farm produced more abundant ly then it dia durin several preceding years It is too early in the season to predict the outcome of this year' s activities. A very special effort has been made to produce not alone ensilege nd hay for the dairy cattle, but con centrates as well, and not alone for the cattle but for the hogs as well We are also endeavoring to produce pota toes for the San Juan and Mesa Schools tho the outlook is not so promising as one might wish. Last year an attempt was made to produce potatoes for all the school of the jurisdiction on the mountain top above Toadlena., Twenty acres were planted, however instead of the 3. 000 bu, that He hoped to produce we harvested only 500 bushels simply enough for the Toadiene School. This year the Toadlena School will again raise its potatoes on the mountain top and the San Juan School hopes to raise its own on the School farm. In the school garden, tonatoes cabbage sweet corn carrots rutabagas are being stressed, tomatoes ſo, canning, sweet corn for drying, the others for storing for winter use We hope to can at least 4, 000 half gal bottles of tomatoes and to ary about 4, 000 pounds of dried sweet corn, last year dure dryin, effort Pere not as successful as one might wish Owin to the rainy weather through- out the drying ses son. This year we have constructed an evaporator, built upon specifications turnished by the Department of Agricul. ture and expect to be independent of the weather The employees have for the most part, shown n earnest conscientious endeavor to Accomplish. Visiting o£Iicials report both the academic and the health work to be good and the Superintendent is somewhat of the same opinion. The school farmer at Shiprock is handicapped by a lack of ex. perience and by the Iurther fact that he lacks system and organization in his work. He should not be permitted to remein in the position The physician at Shiprock has been greatly handicapped by his lack of skill in surgery. The position is now acant and care should be exercised in fill ing it to secure the services of a man skillful both as a physician and as a surgeon. There has been too much sick ness among the teaching force, but, on the whole employees have been loyal to the Service the Schools and to themselves There has been no friction of slippin, of belts due to petty quarrelings or bickerings he pupils finishing the sixth grade almost invariably 17

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