San Juan School Annual Reports, 1926


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Annual Report, 1926. San Juan Agency. The liquor question does not seriously affect us. The Superintendent has not seen a drunken Navajo in the three years of his incumbency. This does not necessarily mean that none of them indulge in intoxicants when it may be had, but it does indicate that such indulgence must of necessity be very limited. These Indians make no intoxicating beverages or preparations and peyote is wholly unknown to them. Neither do they purchase proprietary medicines or extracts for beverage purposes. The Navajo is not a garnbler. There money is as scarce and as hard to secure as it is on the San' uan jurisdiction, there is little danger that any large amounts will be hazarded upon the turn of a card. They do have Sunday horse- racing but the betting is usually limited to fron ten cents to a quarter. The gambling situation is by no means serious.

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