San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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Annual Report, 19240 San Juan OT agency the Navajos could secure the lumber they so greatly need. The jurisdiction is covered with Aztee Ruins but at present no one is attempting to disturb then. There are many Indians of this jurisdiction that need work and that would most gladly accept it could it be secured at home where they would not be required to absent themselves from their families , their sheep, etc. During the year just closing there has been an unusual amount of labor made available to them by the presence of the oil companies. There are few married nen that can afford to leave their homes and their home interests and seek or accept work at sorne ad is tant point, and the big na jority of those that do are losers in the long run. In my opinion about the best thing a Navajo can do is to stay at home and take care of his sheep. If he has no sheep, and those thus situated are few and far be tween, get some and then r take care of them. My travels have shown ine no happier, no wealthier, no more independerit family than the Navajo family with five hundred head of sheep P O P U LA T I O N The Navajo Tribe, as a tribe, under the super vision of the Commissioner to the Ilava jo Tribe, have what is designated as a Nava jo Tribal Council, each of the juris dictions being represented on this Council. The represent atives from the San Juan jurisdic tion are reliable, intelli ent, trustworthy men and they have been a help to the Super 52

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