San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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. Annual Report, 192 San Juan Agency using everything available we managed to get as much en silage in our silo as usual and succeeded in putting up enough hay to carry us through to the new crop. This year we expect to do e qually well but only through greater effort Last fall we canned 2000 liаlf gallon jars of tomatoes, and almost 2000 half gallon jars of other vegetables, and fruit which the whito neighbors up the valley gave us. Also we dried over one ton of sweet corn, one ton of the dried prod uct. This year we expect to do as well but only through much greater effort. Unless the matter of drainage is take n care of it will be but a few years before our pro auct ion shall have reached the vanishing point The Toadlena Boarding School, 40 miles south of Shiprock and at the foot of the mountains, has a garden that supplies the every vegetable need of the school. This gard en is limited by the available supply of water that may be used for irrigation purposes. There is on top of the mountain, some eight miles distant from t his school, a tract of land co npräsing several hundred acres that will produce and mature, without irrigation, potatoes. Last ye ar sufficient potatoes for the school were produced also a quantity of o at hay. It is our opinion that alfalfa will do well on this tract. This year we are naking the experirne nt. If it proves successful we expect next season to sow 40 acres and later increase this acre age. If this 40

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