San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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Pacersease preseason Niesettlements consistenensurance intense statement reiterated ). Annual Report, 19 Sani" Juan Agency. - N. A R R A T I v E S E C T I O IN Section IV Industries We have a very definite program of industrial improvement: ( a) We propose to opera te a saw mill and operate | it in such a manner that lumber nay be procured by all need ing it with no expense to the consumer other than expense of labor This will enable them, if they wish, to get away from the much condemned type of dwelling which they now occupy, the Hogan. It will enable them to substitute wooden struc tures for sand and brush structures in their privately owned irrigation ditches ( b) We propose to nake it possible for the in to conserve, in reservoirs, some of the flood- wates so tina t they may have we ter for irrigatiori purposes even after the spring flood- wa ters have subsided. As it is to- day, and as it always has been, 90% of the privately owned ditches to tally lack water as soon as the snows have disappeared froin the hills. As yet we have no means of knowing how many reservoirs of this character may be built but we are cer tain that several, at least, are capable of cons truction. When this work is once under taken it may develop that possible reservoir sites are numerous. ( c) We propose to develop every spring and every seep on the jurisdiction to its capacity. When this is done we propose to construct reservoirs to conserve flood water 38

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