San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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rosexercisecreessensitisements accessories mainterestlessness issuested reasons each day, Saturdays and Sundays excepted If it is expected to continue to educate these Navajo children until such time as Public Schools shall have been established and made available , there is a strong prob ability that it will be necessary to eontinue £his school for the next fifty years This school produced during the year; 400 bushels of potatoes 100 bushels of onions, 150 bushels of carrots, 80 bushels of rutabagas 50 bushels of turnips, 28 bushels of beets 1000 heads of cabbage one weighing 245 ounds, 42 bushels of parsnips, 36 bushels of popcorn, 86 bushels of roasting ears ard large quantities of lettuce, asparagus, radishes and rhubarb; also sufficient hay to feed the school horses throughout the year, things that have never before be en accomplished Pupils are given a wholesome, sufficient, and varied diet throughout the year. ( Signed) Very respectfully, W. H. Hashbarger Principal San Juan Boarding school------- June 30, 1924. There is at Shiprock a Public School, where during the year, three Indian pupils were enrolled all being promoted at the close of the term. As the building used is very small and as there are a considerable number of white pupils that must necessarily attend, it would be impossible to enroll a greater number of Indian pupils 33

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