San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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SHORAGHDansereassessmencemanateescassettlementinentagonreuters registerelease passes Annual Report, 192 San Juan Agenc y This school, being a Primary School, do es not come under the requirements for Prevocational Schools, however courses have been established and regular instructions given in the following: Home Training, Cooking, Seving, Laundering, Poultry Raising, Gardening Engineering, Farming, Farm Inplenents and Buildings Stock Raising I quote from a recent report rnade by the Assistant Supervisor of this District, writing co ncerning Industrial Instructions at this school:- Arn honest attempt is being made to give Industrial Instruction effectively, and these efforts are resulting in Nore than aver Age SU cess. The School Plant is in good co nai ti on, equipped with a central heatin, and electric light plant adequate for a much larger school. It also has a supply of most excellent water adequate for a on estic purposes. This supply is no t sufficient for irrigation purposes he nce we have no dairy hera. However, the authorization of a Farmer to care for the school farin, eight miles distant, will supply the school wi th all the potatoes and hay and other farm products needed and in all probability ultimately enable the creation of a dairy herd. It is expected that sleeping porches will be added to the two dormi to di as before school begins next fall and this will inc re as e our capacity by fifty

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