San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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Annual Report, 1924 San Juan Agency. ye ars in a non- reservation school she is not better able to care for her she ep. In truth simply because of her absence from the reservation she has probably los t the little skill as a weaver that she formerly possessed. She has gained nothing that makes her more sought after as a helpnate. In truth, she is a less desirable helpmate than is her uneducat. ed sister with her dowry in the form of a band of sheep, and her reservation experience. In fact the re is no place on the reservation where she can fit in. Superintendent, There was a returned students organization started at Shiprock last win ter and the return e s tudents from this lo cality have united therewith Pupils are not graduated from the To £d lena Bo arding School as this is simply a Primary Institution. Our pupils upon finishing the third grade are transferred to so me non reservation school. The course of study is followed faithfully and thoroughly at the Toadle na Boardi ng School. All teachers prep are daily outlines for one week in ad vance and the same are examined and passed upon by the Principal in advance of the week for which they are intended. This feature has been carefully and faithfully carried out at all times. The schoolroon equiprnent is good and sufficient for the three rooms already in use. The school is well equipped with the authorized text books and s ane have been found very suitable to the needs. 29

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