San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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REDWARRYale starstreet anaerosexesentatives Annual Report , 1924. San Juan Agency. expenditure of cash. If this plan is developed it will me an a great deal to the Navajos and I believe will have a very decided effect upon their habitations and upon their home lives At a conference be tween the Secro tary of the Interior, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and the Superintendents and Physicians of the Navajo Tield held at Gallup, New Mexico on April 2lst. last it was announ ced that a large, sun of money has been appropriate and will be available July 1st. Ior the purpose of stamping out Tracnoma among the Navajo Tribe. It is expe c ted that this work will be be gun July 1st . on the Port De fiance jurisdiction and from there extend to the other jurisdictions. Tuberculosis was also discussed at this con ference but no defini te plan of action wes agreed upon. We have no way of de ternining the percentage of these two diseases anong the Navajo but are inclined to think it will prove appalling when an accurate survey is made. A Hospital for the Toadlena Boarding School which would accomoda te patients from the surrounding territory is needed. And a Sanitariuin is needed for the Navajos who reside on the San Juan jurisdic tion. There is such a sanitarium on the Fort Defiance juris diction but we are almost never able to enter a patient 18

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