San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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: D . Annual Report, 192 San Juan Agency and battery, an occasional case of rape, and during the year three murders and two suicides. Our laws are ample and well enforced so far as we know, although there are sec tions of the jurisdiction for removed fro HeadquEr tes Concerning which we have little actual information. All crines and misdeneanors except those of a serious nature are handled by the Indian Court which sits on the last day of each month and continues until all matters brought before it have been disposed of. This usually re quires parts of two days with an occasional little" hang over" into the third day. This Court meets at Agency Headquar ters and for the past year has been held out- doors . with a single exception when inclement weather forced us inside. The Court consists of two Indian Judges and the entire police force with the Superintendent presiding Every thing is done me thodically and in order and with the greatest decorum. The cases are taken up one at a time witnesses are examined by the Judges also by the Superin tendent, and decisions reached, based on the evidence present ed. Altho everything is fornal and in order, anyone present is allowed and invited to speak and the decisions reached are usually entirely satisfactory even to the interested parties. Occasionally a jury is appointed but only Terely Sentences of thirty to ninety days in the Agency Guard house are imposed and served. It is almost never necessary to lock up a prisoner. He simply is directed

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