San Juan School Annual Reports, 1924


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. Annual Report, 19Z San Juan Agency by the Indian offic e and at the prese nt writing it would look as though the buildings might be ready for occupa nc in the early fall. From whatever direction the traveller approaches the San Juan School and Agency, he is impress ed wit h its be auty, heautiful lawns; beautiful shade tre es of cotton wood, Carolina Poplar, Elm, and Maple; many and varied ornamental shrubs, and from mid- spring to late fall, flow. ers,- peonies, geraniums, holly hocks, co sinos, roses and Inore roses, all in gre at abundance and endless variety. It cer tainly is a beautiful place The buildings were nearly all damaged by the flood of 191l, some seriously. On the whole, though, they present a good appearance and are well cared for. They are all crowded to capacity. The cottages are insufficient in nurnber and too sIn all to comfortably house an ordinary family. Evidently the designer did not expect employees to have children. However, things do not always turn out according to expecta tions and to day we have, in one instance, nine persons, husband and wife and seven children, living in a three room ed cottage, the three roomed type being the prevailing type One nice cottage was erected during the year for the occupancy of the local representative of the Bureau of Mines but this does nothing to relieve the situation. Three new cottages shoulà be built at a cost of about thirty five

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