San Juan School Annual Reports, 1923


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O 9 10 the protection of the school to ave them from the evil designs of their people Not a ' e Wor phans are taken by relatives ore or less closely related for the work they can get out of them simply make slaves out of them We have no in corrigible pupils The Navajo is not hard to handle either pupils or adults The. children are never independent and generally what appears to be sul lenness or stubbornness is a lack of understanding on the part of the child The most of the adult NEvejos will do anything reasonable if you give him time to think it over and explain until he under. stands No pupils are dropped from school for any other cause than poor hoalth Our return student problem is that a considerable number of them girls considerable concern A few of the girls should not be allowed to return to their homes even for a visit We have urged them not to come home even for a visit but to remain in California and vor Or even marry members of other tribes Full und erstanding of what it me ans for a girl to come home from a non- reser. vation school to a hogen like among people who are wholly out of sympathy with everything she has learn ea while away will help a lot in getting places on the outside This is a great big jump for any girl and, it i Orgh the effort to see that she is not " broken down" by her own people Some of the m will not be ble to escape some will wreck because they ant to There was one such case this Hummer the girl ren away from a good position in a white femiy and returned to her home The boys make it better and many of them advise the girls not to return to their homes The Oy! simply pull up and leave when the old folk push them too hard They go out and Wor in mines on ranches na on railroad Some of them have been wi th Smuggler Union Miine in colo rado for four and Pive years We adhere to the course of study very closely The teachers have made outlines of their work during the whole year The industrial work has also been outlined Some of it being adaptations Pron out lines from other schools and some coming from the office of the Chief Supervisor Some of the teachers

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