San Juan School Annual Reports, 1923


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seems to be as to whether there will be enough water for the plant and especial ly after the school is en larged During the ye ar some laundry equipment WE s re ceived for the Toadlena School and was installed by the regular employees. There needs to be quite a lot more equipment before this can be called a complete laundry. A washer and an extrE1ctor are the principal items installed but they have been a great help. There is a great cleal of wind at this school, much of it very strong, and an approved, workable dyer of greater capacity than the size of the school would indicate should be installed as soon as possible. A mangle is also needed. The Episcopal Church installed to missionary workers at Aneth in December. We gave them the use ot the old. mission house a own there. Miss Parmalee was formerly in Tii ssion work among Indians in Alaska and has no fee rs but that she can make it go down there in time Niss Koss, her co- worker, is a school teacher. Miss Parmalee WE s engaged in teaching in iolore do when she went down to Aneth. Their plans call for a small school at this point as soon as funds will permit. We have offered them the use of the building for this purpose We are glad to have these buildings put to" some use and have responsible people occupy them. It is to be hope a that this work will become permanent, and increase so as to have a small school here, and some form of medi cal work. This is a very isolated community and needs some such influence very much. The opportunity here is great, and it is hoped this organization will be able to find the right kind of workers and the funds to carry on the work. It is their first venture on the reservation proper, though they have maintained a hospital for Navajos just east of the reservation line, near Farm ington for a number of yeErs and a one much good work We have sufficient positions allowed to carry on our schools and the work at the agency. Nearly all of

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