San Juan School Superintendent's Annual Reports, 1922


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o k r 54 STATISTICAL SECTION X. — DISTRIBUTION OF INDIANs' PROPERTY. Saa.. Juan... Indian School, . San.. Juan. Reservation. PROPERTY UNDER YOUR JURISDICTION BELONGING TO INDIAN 7. Property belonging to tribe as a whole: ( a) Acreage of unallotted lands( sec query 14( n), page 19)....- 37 658 20. ( b) Averag per acre, e! ding timber t! * eon. Total value of unallotted lands, excluding timber thereon and including minerals as. 4205500. 00 ( d) Estimated st of timber tribal land see query 1( b), page 39 5. 0000000 bd. it. ( e) E ted value per M( see query 1( b), page 39) Sl 25. Total estimated value of timber on unallotted lands( see query a 62500 . 00.. 1( b, po 39 ( g) Tribal funds in Treasury ( superintendents are not to fill in this space. ( h) Value tock belonging to tribe as a whole see query 45( B), page 30) ( i) Value of other property belonging to tribe.. 4268000... 00 Total value, tribal property. 8. Property belonging to individual Indians: ( a) Total acreage of allotted lands( see query 13( n), page 19. ( b) Average valuo per acre, excluding timber thereon......................... She Total value of allotted lands excluding timber thereon and including minerals........... bd. ( d) Estimated stand of timber on allotted lands( see query 1( 2), page 39). ( e) Average value of timber on allotted lands per M( see query 1( 2), page 39) Total value of timber on allotted lands( see query 1( a), page 39) ( g) Individual Indian moneys in banks and in hands of disbursing officers, etc. ( b) Estimated value of Indian homes, barns, corrals, etc. ( i) Estimated value of furniture in Indian homes. ( U) Estimated value of tools, agricultural implements, etc..... ( k) Estimated value of wagons, vehicles, etc. Estimated value o ive stock poultry, etc. See q ry 45( A, page 30) ( m) Value of other property. 15000. 5. 0. 00. 150 00 - 18000. 12 14650. 25000 Total value individual Indian property. 1267 65. 0. figu These figures in must reruns twRGatoto Imai of uspecial deposits." tted oported, q sted lands reported, quory 3( 0) pago i9. tted in e fiscal year 0xclusive

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