San Juan School Superintendent's Annual Reports, 1922


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to 2 I STATISTICAL. SECTION v. INDUSTRIE8 Continued. San Juan Indian School. San .. Juan . ............ Reservation 22. Products of day- school farms, orchards, etc.: Total raised. Consumed. Sold. On hand. Products, stock, pu try, frui getables, grain, etc Quality, valie. Quantity. vio untity. vio. Quality. ve ........... NaDay.. Scho . als. Total Total both boarding and do schools( 21()+ 22() 23. Products of agency farm, orchard, etc. Consumed On hand. Products, egotabli ek, pu Unlt Hay CuRity. vi.. oughty. vs. Quantity. Vail. CuaRity. villo tons... 25.... 50.... 27 5.. 32. 5. 0 tons.. 10 20. 00. 250 . 24. Products of demonstration farm( separate from school or agency farm) ised. nume Sold. On hand. Products, stock, p getables, grain, oto. Unit. CuRity. No. demonstration. farms. CI------------ Total value. 25. Products of experimentation farm: ised. Consumed sold. On hand. Products, stock, p grain, oto. quality.| vio. CuRity. vo Quality. v. Cm Rity. vain al . |........... No.. experimental.. farms. Total valu Total hand total raised,

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