Finding Aid, Superintendents' Annual Reports from Field Jurisdictions, 1907-1938, M-1011


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NATIONAL ARCHIVES MICROFILM PUBLICATIONS The appendix provides a guide to frequent jurisdictional changes and other pertinent facts mentioned in the reports. It also shows the time period covered by the reports for each jurisdiction. As indicated in the appendix, some reports are missing. Letters often were filed stating that reports were not received from the superintendents The records reproduced in this microfilm publication and other series of records mentioned in this introduction are a part of the Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Record Group 75. Another major series of the Statistics Section consists of Indian census rolls and supplements that contain vital statistics about American Indians. They have been reproduced as National Archives Microfilm Publication M595, Indian Census Rolls, 1885- 1940. The records reproduced in this microfilm publication were arranged for filming by Samella T. Anderson, who also wrote the introduction. N A TION A L A R C HIV E SMIC R OF IL MP UBLICATIONS

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