Bureau of Indian Affairs Records Created by the Santa Fe Indian School, 1890-1918, Finding Aid


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At first the Santa Fe school received pupils of all grade but within a few years enrollment was limited to the sixth grade and above. The children devoted a half day to work in the school room and a half day to vocational training. In many instances vocational training was washing dishes scrubbing floors or working in the fields and gardens of the school Beginning in the 1920' s however, vocational training became instruction in native industries-- pottery, bead work, and basketry In 1980 the All Indian Pueblo Council took over the governing of the Santa Fe Indian School Records Description The records reproduced in this microfilm publication are those described in series 32 through 35, 38, and 40 of the Prelimina of the Bureau Invento of Indian of Affairs Pueblo Records ( PI 192) Created . The records by Field were Office Crea ted be tween 1890 and 1918 by the Santa Fe Indian School. The first four series filmed are copies of letter sent by the Superintendent of the Santa Fe Indian School and other school officers to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Indian agents and agency employees, territorial officials, individual Indians, and private individuals Most of the letters were signed by the superintendent of the school and concern personnel, school activities, Pueblo lands, and the welfare of individual Indians The remaining two series microfilmed are letters sent by day school teachers and the superintendent' s correspondence with day school employees These letters concern day School activi ties, personnel, individual Indians, and the general administra tion of the Santa Fe Indian School and the day schools. The records are filmed in the order in which they are described in the preliminary inventory. Fading and deteriora tion of originals have some times made satisfactory reproduction impossible, although most are readable. Five volumes were not filmed because of extensive water damage. Those volume numbers are noted in the series descriptions 1. Press Copies of Miscellaneous Letters sent, June 1890. December 1913 38 volumes 4 ft Arranged chronologically by date sent Volumes 1- 3, 17- 18, an 21- 38 are indexed alphabetically by name of addre This series consists of letters sent by the Superintenden of the Santa Fe Indian School to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, day school teachers, governors of pueblos, territoria

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